Make-Sense Hold-Up: 4 Ideas for a Social Business Model

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Wie kann man aus dem Lastenrad-Projekt ein finanziell selbsttragendes Modell machen?

Ein 2 Stunden-Workshop in der Open Design City am Samstag den 28.07.2012 in Deutsch und Englisch

Über "Make-Sense":

MakeSense is an open project kickstarted by Romain Raguin & Christian Vanizette, who have been joined in this adventure by more than 500 facebook friends from all around the world. We connect Social Entrepreneurs with supercool individuals ready to take up their challenges : find a social entrepreneur, connect with her, and finally solve her challenges. We connect Social Entrepreneurs with Supercool individuals online on and offline through around the world MakeSense events. The objective of our open project is to accelerate the Social impact of Social Entrepreneurs and help sustain this impact in time by promoting the Social Business concept.

MakeSense 1066.JPG MakeSense 1063.JPG

In the following 4 concepts for a financially sustainable model for DIY-cargobike building. Watch out the results!

Concept "GUSOC"

MakeSense Konzept1 1073.JPG

Tweet: Start your studies with hands-on, get into flows?and build your own!

Post-it on bottom:
Drunk people, selfimployed, supermarket/old people´s home, fleamarket, sell icecream or saussages

engineering students , DIY-workshop with students

car-free neigbourhoods, green cities, local sponsors/businesses & cheap material, prefabricated modules (Bausatz) to build your cargobike your own in short time.

Ein Video mit der Präsentation:

Concept "2nd labour-market"

MakesSenseKonzept2 1077.JPG

Tweet: Qualifying centers are building cargo-bikes for communities and municipalities.

On flip-chart:

2nd labour-market
-> qualifying-centers -> building cargo-bikes
-> communities/municipalities/districts -> making it cheaper "community-use"
-> moderated by "Agentur für Arbeit?" pushing it further
-> business-plans for start-ups or unemloyed

Ein Video mit der Präsentation:

Concept "Pedalmania"

MakesSense Konzept3 1078.JPG

Tweet: pedalpowered event-service with huge fun-factor

-> 1: transport of equipment -> development of cargo-bikes
-> 2: 100% "human-powered"energy -> knowledge technologies
-> 3: tool-box of services -> design + tools

=>Partnership with other engineers businesses

Revenue through
- ??? fees
-rental fees
- additional services

Ein Video mit der Präsentation:

Concept: "social benefit model, peanuts from all, start the snowball by using diversity"

MakeSenseKonzept4 1079.JPG

Tweet:social benefit model, peanuts from all, start the snowball by using diversity

on post-its and flip-chart:
€ from Krankenkassen (german obligatory health-insurances)
€ from Green cities
€ from students/people moving
€ from IKEA-service


Training for new users
Training for maintaining the bike

how to find participants for workshops?
-users through diversity of sources
-"force" (give incentives) for employees (Beispiel:Krankenkasse Zuschuß, IKEA grüner Möbeltransport mit Lastenrad)

Ein Video mit der Präsentation: